J.J. Schenkelberg

Fun facts about J.J. Schenkelberg, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager

Interesting Fact: J.J. has two children, Stryker and Tor.  They are both named after John Wayne movie characters – and no, neither one has a middle name of “Rooster”.

Hobbies: Yoga, golf, fitness, watching movies, playing games with her husband and two children

Community Involvement: J.J. is very active in her church, where her children go to school. She is on the parish development committee and spends an hour each month shelving books in the school library. She also works on boards with the Omaha Metro Area Transit and Marion High School to guide investment decisions for their pension and endowment accounts. Additionally, she is highly involved with her alma mater, Kansas State University, where she serves as President of the Finance Advisory Board.

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Path to Making Omaha Her Home: J.J. lived in seven cities in four states before she was eighteen, attended three grade schools in Kansas, and went to high school in Chaska, Minnesota and Rochester, Illinois. Her parents moved to Omaha from Illinois while she was in college. Having lived in Omaha for 16 years, it’s safe to say Omaha is her home. Her parents moved to Kansas City 12 years ago, and she is done following them!

First Job: Night shift at Denny’s on I-55 in Illinois

Favorite Job: Golf instructor at a summer camp in Laurel, Maine

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